What is a "Preview" version of the AMPS server?


Preview versions of the AMPS server are intended to provide quick access to new features for new development, proof of concept projects, and prototyping.

Full releases are intended to provide an extremely stable version of AMPS for an extended period of time. These releases do not receive new or extended features during the time that they are supported. A fix that would significantly change existing behavior (including, for example, some types of performance improvements) would not typically be applied to a full release.

Preview versions are supported by 60East under the terms and conditions in your support agreement, including support for running preview versions in production.

Preview releases are cumulative. That is, an X.Y.4.0 preview release will contain all of the functionality and fixes in X.Y.3.*, X.Y.2.*, X.Y.1.*, and any applicable hotfixes for the X.Y.0.* release.

However, 60East does not provide extended lifecycle maintenance for preview versions. Since preview releases are not considered full releases of the AMPS server, 60East only provides automatic maintenance and hotfixes for the most recent preview version. That is, hotfixes are automatically produced for X.Y.1.* until X.Y.2.0 ships, then hotfixes are automatically produced for X.Y.2.*. This differs from full releases of AMPS, which are under maintenance for an extended period and receive relevant hotfixes automatically until the end of the support lifetime, regardless of the release of new full releases.

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