Is PCIe SSD a requirement when using a transaction log?

When using AMPS with a transaction log, it is recommended but not required that the journal file persistence is on the fastest storage device available. AMPS can sustain well over 800,000 1KB messages per second when written to a transaction log residing on a modern FusionIO PCIe device. If transaction log performance requirements exceed a few thousand messages per second then a fast storage device is highly recommended.
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    Alexander Cerna

    Hello Brand,

    Thank you very much for the above. I am trying to convince our team and our manager to set aside money for SSD in production just for the journal files. Is it possible to expand the above into some kind of white paper? It would add some gravitas to the matter if I can hand them a white paper URI. Much thanks.


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    Hi Alex!

    Sure thing-- I'm working on something similar right now, I'll add some colour on the device use (it should make it as a blog).

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    Hi Alex,

    Here's a good guideline on when you should be using SSDs and when vanilla HDDs suffice:

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