How do I use a custom Authenticator with HAClient?


To use a custom authenticator with HAClient, you implement the getCurrentAuthenticator method in your ServerChooser to return the custom authenticator.

For example, the following C# code returns a custom authenticator stored in the _authenticator variable of the ServerChooser class:

       public Authenticator getCurrentAuthenticator()
            return _authenticator;

In this case, _authenticator could be initialized when the server chooser is constructed, set by implementing a property for the authenticator, or in any other way that makes sense for the ServerChooser.

Likewise, you can implement this function in any way that makes sense. For example, if your authenticator can provide valid credentials through multiple uses, the implementation above works well. If your authenticator objects are designed to only be valid for a single logon (for example, the credentials are only good for a limited amount of time), you could implement this function to construct and return a new Authenticator on every call.


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    This FAQ is slightly misleading. It's far more often than getCurrentAuthenticator() will need to return a newly constructed Authenticator object, given that it's likely a) good for one logon session, and b) strongly bound to the specific instance that getCurrentURI() would have this client connect to.

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